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Well Aged Humor

My wife and I had made over a dozen long distance trips to doctors’ offices in one year for various necessary appointments and this was the result of one of those trips.


My doctor says I’m in great shape,
For the terrible shape I’m in.
My chiropractor pats my back
With a wide and greedy grin.

I have a doc for diets,
One just for my kidneys too,
And my own optometrist
Helps keep my vision true.

All my eager psychologists
Help to make my spirits jump
And my new proctologist
Is an expert on my rump.

Expensive plastic surgeons
For when my face begins to sag;
My internal specialist
Has a cure within his bag.

I have so many doctors
And if each had his way
I’d live at least two hundred years
And I’d still have them to pay!


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The Spark

Do not lose the spark, that madness in your mind,
That fist around your heart that forces you to climb
Higher than you can or ever thought you could,
Laugh now while you can when you never thought you would.

Do not let the world around you burn to ashes while you grieve
For that which might have never been when you fought to believe
In something other than yourself, a phantom hero form,
That leaves you in your darkest mind to shatter while you mourn.

Strike the tinder, light the fire that waits within your heart
For your world will sit in ashes if you hold yourself apart
From the pain and the gladness that are hiding in the spark,
Hidden in your heart that hides alone there in the dark.

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Sestina For A Child

The mist would rise in the early morning
And cover the slopes of the hills in dreams
Of white and gray and soft veils of shadows.
Bright sun peaked the mountaintops and cast dark
Shapes over the green forests that would move
My soul with all the beauty of that world.

Warm rains turned dirt roads to mud in that world
As I rushed out to play in the morning,
And time would stop for me as I would move
From one thing to the next as I chased dreams;
Endless adventures that held me till darkness
Fell and I hurried home in the shadows.

Our lives were good and bad, light and shadow,
But all I knew of life lived in this world.
My universe was home and hills and dark
Shadows and the misted forests of morning,
And I only left that place in my dreams,
Never thinking that I might one day move,

Leaving my heart in the hills, only to move
Me to think of the mountains and shadows
Of home when I slept and for a time dreamed.
Life flew so much faster and my small world
Grew larger and colder, and the morning
Mists and forests and mountains and the dark

Valleys were left behind in the darkness
Of the past, dimly remembered as I moved
Through life, looking to the workday morning,
Chasing time as it fled in the shadows
Of sleep.  Only then could I slow the world,
Recalling the child I was in those dreams.

My world slower now, I have time for those dreams,
The ones he dreamed as he slept in the dark.
That child and I, separated by a world,
Remember more of each other as we move
Closer together in dreams, sifting shadows
To find sun, rain, and hills misted in morning.

To travel the world, as a child does in dreams,
To greet the morning, then welcome the dark,
Knowing sleep will move dreams to again live in shadows.

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Happy Mother’s Day

(I still miss you Mom. Love you.)

Hi Mom,

I just wanted to take a few minutes and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day – and to tell you a few things that I should have said long ago. You’ve been gone for a long time now and still there are so many moments that help me to remember you and make me miss your wisdom. It has taken me a lot of years to realize just how smart you were.

As a young man I was always so certain that I knew more than you; that my education had taught me so many things. I didn’t understand then all of the harsh lessons that your years had taught you. You lived through so many things, so much trial and heartache. You saw so many things that I never knew how to appreciate. I want to thank you so much for the wisdom you tried to pass to me. I can’t do that though. All I can do is be grateful and try to pass it on as best I can.

I want to thank you for the times you fed us, while doing without. You fought so desperately to keep us all together and to keep us fed and cared for. I did not understand then the sacrifices that you made for us, and how willingly you made them. Only time could teach me this lesson, among many others.

Finally I just wanted to tell you how very proud I have always been to be your son. I want to tell you how much I love you still, with all my heart. I can’t tell you these things now and know that I should have said them more often in times past. I just wanted to tell you Happy Mother’s Day.

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