Tracks of a Wandering Mind

Poetry, stories and random thoughts from a wandering mind.

Square Pegs

You’re a square peg, you just can’t fit
Into a generic round world.
But they keep on prying
And they keep on trying
To force you into their mold.

Your parents said you were special
But you feel like you’re just strange,
And they don’t have the time
To see that you’re dying
A little bit every day.

It seems easier to give in,
To give up on all of your dreams.
You can just go away,
You can end all the pain
But that’s not the answer you need.

Don’t let the world drop on your head,
Tomorrow is another day.
Put one more behind you
And each one that you do
Might show you another way.

When no one else believes in you,
And you’re fighting just to stay strong,
Know that time is your friend
And if you will just hang in,
Time puts your problems where they belong.


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Well Aged Humor

My wife and I had made over a dozen long distance trips to doctors’ offices in one year for various necessary appointments and this was the result of one of those trips.


My doctor says I’m in great shape,
For the terrible shape I’m in.
My chiropractor pats my back
With a wide and greedy grin.

I have a doc for diets,
One just for my kidneys too,
And my own optometrist
Helps keep my vision true.

All my eager psychologists
Help to make my spirits jump
And my new proctologist
Is an expert on my rump.

Expensive plastic surgeons
For when my face begins to sag;
My internal specialist
Has a cure within his bag.

I have so many doctors
And if each had his way
I’d live at least two hundred years
And I’d still have them to pay!

February 10, 2016 Posted by | Poetry | 3 Comments

The Spark

Do not lose the spark, that madness in your mind,
That fist around your heart that forces you to climb
Higher than you can or ever thought you could,
Laugh now while you can when you never thought you would.

Do not let the world around you burn to ashes while you grieve
For that which might have never been when you fought to believe
In something other than yourself, a phantom hero form,
That leaves you in your darkest mind to shatter while you mourn.

Strike the tinder, light the fire that waits within your heart
For your world will sit in ashes if you hold yourself apart
From the pain and the gladness that are hiding in the spark,
Hidden in your heart that hides alone there in the dark.

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