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Square Pegs

You’re a square peg, you just can’t fit
Into a generic round world.
But they keep on prying
And they keep on trying
To force you into their mold.

Your parents said you were special
But you feel like you’re just strange,
And they don’t have the time
To see that you’re dying
A little bit every day.

It seems easier to give in,
To give up on all of your dreams.
You can just go away,
You can end all the pain
But that’s not the answer you need.

Don’t let the world drop on your head,
Tomorrow is another day.
Put one more behind you
And each one that you do
Might show you another way.

When no one else believes in you,
And you’re fighting just to stay strong,
Know that time is your friend
And if you will just hang in,
Time puts your problems where they belong.


April 11, 2016 Posted by | Poetry | 2 Comments


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