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Porcelain Doll

(From a photo. A woman had lost her daughter to violence and had left the room untouched since then.)

Porcelain Doll that sits high on the shelf,
Yellow dress fading and turning to gray.
Alone these long years she sits by herself,
Watching each night fading slowly to day.

Beloved possession, cherished no more,
Her azure stained eyes unable to cry.
Ever she watches a closed and locked door
In a room where shadowed memories lie.

Little girl gone, safe from a harsh hand,
Asleep while the angels watch over her rest,
And Porcelain Doll sits on a high stand
In a home where laughter no longer exists.

The smile in a voice, touch of a small hand,
Will lighten the shadows in her dark room,
While Porcelain Doll waits on her high stand
For the loving child she hopes will come soon.


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Small Gifts

One dim light in the darkest gloom
Can brighten up the night.
One slight smile in a somber room
Finds grace in every sight.

One kind thought in a careless crowd
Can bring such hope to life.
One small hope in the face of doubt
Can drive off failure’s fright.

The greatest gift of kindness shown
That turns a heart of stone,
Can be with bitter words undone
To seed doubt where hope had grown.

Mark you well the gifts you give
That they might find good grace,
And by gentle word then live
That all might see your faith.

December 13, 2013 Posted by | Poetry | 3 Comments


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