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Requiem For A Memory

We hold fast to our old hurts
Like barnacles to a ship,
And they will not heal until
We loose our deathly grip.

Those wounds carried on our souls
That burn and fester so deep,
Ever present they abide
And they hold the tears we weep.

What do you gain to carry
That pain for so many years,
But strife and weary worry
That serves to hold back your tears?

To forget a painful past
Is not such an easy thing,
But which is a worthwhile task
For just the peace it may bring.

There’s no future set in stone,
No life etched in granite deep,
That we cannot choose to change
But that we must choose to keep.


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Fallen Angel

(Written after I read an article about a young girl who jumped to her death after being bullied).

Fallen angel, now bereft
Of breath and beating heart,
On whose countenance have wept
The souls whom death did part.

Behold, still the angel now,
Asleep astride the grave,
With untroubled, quiet brow
On silken cloth she lay.

Piously bespeak her past
And urge that life renew,
Yet this angel’s not the last,
Other angels fall now too.

Hatred clips the angel’s wings,
Then spite provokes the fall,
And the darkness that they bring
Can silence the angel’s call.

Ward with care the angels well
And raise them in your way;
Beware the dark that would tell
An angel to fall today.

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