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Bird on the Wing

(for “Endora”)

Bird on the wing fly free,
Follow your heart’s desire.
Carry your dreams on a golden wing
That takes you ever higher.

Do not fear earth so far below,
It’s gray roots cannot bind you.
Fly free little bird and flee the cold
And leave winter’s breath behind you.

Bound to this world for but a short time,
For a moment so brief were you known,
Your gilded plumage did brightly shine,
And gladdened the hearts here below.

The gifts you have given mark the path
Of your journey through our lives.
Bird on the wing, know happiness
As toward the Heavens you fly.


September 28, 2013 Posted by | Poetry | 1 Comment

In Memoriam

So many thoughts and images
Are jumbled in my mind,
Of white walls and sterile scenes
And faces left behind.

The multitude of those who stayed
While we came and went,
The soft purring of machines
That gave you life and breath.

The angels came to take you twice,
I saw this for myself,
As I stood by so quietly
With silent tears and helplessness.

Do not worry that I might fear
For what may come of you.
The Master’s Hand has held you close,
His healing ever true.

That given gift so earned in pain,
The long road that you took,
Both are bathed in the silent tears
Of those that by you stood.

Now the Master holds the giver
With love close in His arms,
Let the gift be not forgotten
As angels keep her guard.

September 21, 2013 Posted by | Poetry | 3 Comments


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