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It Won’t Be Long Now

He sat on the bed and patted her hand
And then he wiped off the sweat from her brow.
She smiled at him as the babe moved again
And said “Don’t worry.  It won’t be long now.”

Just a small child dressed in ribbons and curls
With a solemn face all set in a frown,
As her mother cried and smiled through her tears,
“Your bus is here and it won’t be long now.”

Adorned in white with her roses in hand,
She smiled as her father pulled her veil down.
The March began then, his cherished time gone,
He whispered to her “It won’t be long now.”

She sang as she rocked their babe in her arms,
As contented, he slept without sound.
She smiled at the man who sat by her side
And said “He’s going.  It won’t be long now.”

With eyes that had shed one too many tears,
She watched her husband’s last breath let out.
The old woman just stared at the doctor
And said “Don’t worry.  It won’t be long now.”


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Daysongs – Three Tankas

Morning mist carries
Feathered song to praise the day,
Newly awakened,
That bids the night to pass
For but a brief victory.

The day sings to us
The sounds of laughter and play,
Hammer songs of work,
March of sun across the sky,
Though night creeps up, thief of light.

Crickets sing a dirge
That mourns the passing of day,
And beckons the night
To draw nigh and give us rest,
As we seek the dreaming sleep.

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Silent Souls

It’s the silent soul so troubled,
Unable to express
All its hidden fears redoubled,
So bound to loneliness.

The silent soul unsatisfied,
That cries for just a word
And stands alone as still it tries,
Though still it goes unheard.

The silent voice mute in the crowd,
That cannot cry its pain,
It’s one true wish to be allowed
To sing a glad refrain.

The silent soul that cannot speak
Must then be spoken for,
That those who silent crying seek
The peace that’s so longed for.

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