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Poetry, stories and random thoughts from a wandering mind.

To Faraway

Far away a magic’s dwelling,
Children play in simple dreams,
Stories fresh with each retelling,
Well loved tales of wondrous things.

“Where is this place?” we children asked;
You’d say “A land, far away.”
So short the road to glory’s task!
Dragons slain and kingdoms saved.

It has been long since I returned
From that distant, magic place,
Yet oft since has my heart yearned
To return to Faraway.


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(In nove otto form.)

Warm winds are gone, the air is still
And night falls now with biting chill,
The land is brown, the trees are bare.
The warming sun is waning fast
As summer slips away at last,
A snap of cold is in the air.
I watch the leaves dance on the breeze,
Abandoned, gray, the barren trees,
As Winter creeps forth from her lair.

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

(three tankas – link to tankas here for the curious)

Remember the past,
But we must live for today
And seek tomorrow,
For to live Now in the past
Sees the death of all our dreams.

Today, cherished child
In fullness, tomorrow,
To be enjoyed now,
Sprouting fields of memories,
Harvests healing loneliness.

New day yet to come,
Promised gift still unfulfilled,
Hope and dream its fire,
Warms the heart at end of day,
Brings cherished child tomorrow.

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