Tracks of a Wandering Mind

Poetry, stories and random thoughts from a wandering mind.

Her Arrival

The breeze in the willow called out
Her name upon the green.
The grasses rustled as she passed by
In the night unseen.

The air has stilled, the storms have passed
That brought the bitter cold.
The morning sun has chased away
The Winter Wolf so bold.

The Mistress of the house is here
And now her court awaits
As Spring sits on the throne of earth,
And the White Princess fades away.


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Dream Too Late

In the quiet of a life,
At the setting of its sun,
When passed away is its strife,
And when all the work is done,

Do not choose this time to say,
“There, but for a fickle fate!”
Let not that time slip away
And then find you dream too late.

Dream your dreams as children ought,
And pursue them with your heart;
Keep them safe in cherished thought,
And give each a fresh new start.

For time will come when dreams pass,
As the setting sun will fade,
And as the dream fulfilled will last,
Dreams forgotten turn to shade.

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