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Visit With A Mirror

(an introspection)

You present to the world, my friend,
A strange dichotomy,
Between the realm of that which is,
And that which may yet be.

I look upon the present now
And see the ones long past,
To wonder how and where and when
They all led to this last.

The now that I can clearly view,
This image that I see,
Leads to another still to come,
One that is yet to be.

He will be the best I can,
The man that is not yet,
Though he is one I cannot see,
His path is firmly set.


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The Tempest

(for a friend facing the tempest.)

View now the tempest unafraid,
Stand with your face out to the storm.
If at times life would then berate,
Return an equal measured scorn.

Battles fought on a bended knee
Are then fought with bare hands, unarmed.
Stand and face a dread enemy
That now hopelessness may be borne.

Show not a heart bereft of hope,
Nor a spirit without firm will,
For you need not alone now cope,
The Master walks beside you still.

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