Tracks of a Wandering Mind

Poetry, stories and random thoughts from a wandering mind.

Quiet Healing

I disappear into the silence of my mind,
There to dwell within the peace that I might find.
I build a quiet refuge of solitude from life
When the living becomes frantic and joy then turns to strife.

When this time is upon me that I must need to flee,
Then I hunt a quiet place that lacks for company.
As I stare at nothing the darkness comes to life
And I watch happy memories of my life flashing by.

All the good that’s come my way and those that mean so much
Gather close around me and heal me with their touch.
Here they help me remember that life is not a race
And that a price must be paid to finish in first place.


December 29, 2011 Posted by | Poetry | | 6 Comments


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