Sonnet of Stars

(Playing with archaic form..basically Twinkle Twinkle on steroids.)

Thou little star that hangs in night time sky,
What great fell hand hath summoned forth thy light?
What hot cauldron hath served to shape thy form
And perched thee far above the earthly night?

How then art thou found here above the earth,
By accidental happenstance or fate?
Am I to praise that lucky random chance
Hath then so served to put thee in thy place?

Far rather than to thank a fickle turn,
Would I prefer to praise a Master touch,
Whose Hand upon the canopy of night
Proves well in hand the universe as such.

So to this end I think that I must make
Praise to the Master’s Hand, for Heaven’s sake!


4 thoughts on “Sonnet of Stars

  1. Anonymous

    hi little bro, i would love to take your brain out and just study it.
    i bet it would really have things to say.
    even if you made a mistake it would only seem like part of your poem,
    love you this much, sis

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