The Greenback Man

In the land of greed and money,
The greenback man is king.
Now instead of milk and honey,
Recession’s what he’ll bring.

The prince of ethics is banished,
Morals his steed no more,
The court of common sense vanished
And coin’s the god of war.

The people have no faith to trade,
The bell of trust won’t ring,
And the future now is afraid,
Since greenback man is king.


4 thoughts on “The Greenback Man

  1. I really like this one. It is current, and although it could be read as scathing, I think it was handled with class. Love the metaphors, analogies. To the point, leaves no doubt of intention or meaning, and speaks the mind many of us have toward today’s financial break down. I say good job. Love it for what it is.

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