Tracks of a Wandering Mind

Poetry, stories and random thoughts from a wandering mind.


(Just playing with words)

I cannot help but wonder as
I wander through this life,
If I should sound my friends out and
thereby seek sound advice.

How will I know the right course if
of course I choose the wrong,
Or if I should have turned left as
I left my house at dawn?

How can I just choose a path if
I do not have just cause?
How will I know what’s right if I
Don’t right all of my wrongs?

I will iron out my problems
with a will of iron firm,
And not be cross as I work to
cross off this one last word.


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Child of Grace

(written for a seven year old champion equestrienne)

Child of beauty, child of grace,
So proud do you sit still,
With gentle hand upon the rein
That hides an iron will.

Unsmiling in your effort,
But gladness unconcealed,
With skill held in such fragile form
Whose heart is now revealed.

Child of grace now ride again,
Let your spirit lead the way,
And all that see understand
A champion rides today.

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A Rhythm of Life

(Playing with terza rima form; added a link for the curious.)

The day is done and time has come to rest,
Darkness falls now hear the evening song,
Carried on the night as the meal is blessed.

The town is quiet now and all along
The way the shops are darkened once again
As the shopkeepers make their long way home,

And where confusion was now peace will reign.
As night’s cool mist settles on the grass
The creatures of the dark sing shy refrain,

Until day breaks and there the night surpass,
To send them rushing back to burrows deep,
There to rest until the day has passed.

And so do day and night a rhythm keep
As each in turn seeks out a blessed sleep.

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The Greenback Man

(after watching the stock market)

In the land of greed and money,
The greenback man is king.
Now instead of milk and honey,
Recession’s what he’ll bring.

The prince of ethics is banished,
Morals his steed no more,
The court of common sense vanished
And coin’s the god of war.

The people have no faith to trade,
The bell of trust won’t ring,
And the future now is afraid,
Since greenback man is king.

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