Riddle in Sand

While walking in a lonely place,
I chanced upon a strand.
There I found a set of footprints,
That led into the sand.

They trailed from water’s edge as though
Returning from the sea,
But failed to march both back and forth,
Which begged a quandary.

“If trail leads but from sea to sand,’
“Yet not from sand to sea,”
“Then how did it come to this place,”
“And where now will it lead?”

I knew then I had to answer
This quest most perplexing,
And if I tossed it from my mind,
It would be most vexing!

So away I went to answer,
This puzzle I had found,
And trailed the prints into the sand,
To see what might come round.

Throughout the day to dusk I walked,
And then into the night,
Along a lonely strand of sand
Lit only by moonlight.

Until I reached the pathway’s end,
I did not stop nor rest,
Following the set of footprints
That held my mind possessed.

As dawn was breaking o’er the sea
And day ached in my eyes,
I saw the set of prints had stopped
Quite near the foamy brine.

I stared astonished at the sight
That confounded my mind.
The foot prints I’d faithfully trailed,
Were none other but mine!



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