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Poetry, stories and random thoughts from a wandering mind.

Betty’s Hands

Inspired by a picture of the subject’s hands at rest.

These hands, look at them! Worn, gnarled,
Still they serve her though not well.
From childhood they have done her bidding,
And still til life’s last knell.

Clasped, in supplication folded
Ten thousand times and more,
The Master’s strength sustained them for
The harsh trials that they bore.

So very simple to behold,
Just tools to do her will,
Though age and work have worn them so,
They hold great beauty still.

Her hands have held her children close
And answered life’s demands,
As tears of pain and joy have flowed
With love in Betty’s hands.


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Because so many of us do not know how to enjoy being alone. (Written in blank verse.)

In solitude do I rest my spirit,
Silence my fortress of tranquility.
Here I lay the cares of the day to rest
And let tomorrow’s works care for themselves.

Here in stillness a cool breeze touches me,
Gently brushing away the dust of day.
From a dark velvet, star filled canopy
The Great and Little Bears well guard my peace.

Familiar voices sing familiar songs
And happily I join in glad refrain,
As remembered melodies uplift me,
For here are none allowed that barb and mock.

Fear not the solitude that lies within,
For it is but a restful, quiet place,
To flee for just a while from all the world
And find a little measure of sweet peace.

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What Am I?

Just a simple little riddle 🙂 (Put your guess in the comments – if you have one.)

Simple in structure and concept,
Singular in design,
Able to set forth a precept,
That stands the test of time.

Felling nations both great and small,
With but a simple stroke,
Yet whose same move can then install
A reign of tyrant’s yoke.

The words of Paul of Tarsus lost,
The knowledge of the greats,
The poetries of all time gone,
But for this speaking stake.

Able to invest a nation
And great fortune bring,
Such a triumph of creation!
Now what could be this thing?

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Evening Walk

Just a bit of free verse I found while taking a walk.

The barest hint of deepening grey
Hovers above a black horizon
As gloom of dusk deepens to night.
Warm wet air clings to the skin
As a cool breeze buffets the brow.
Clouds boiling, dark shapes overhead
Like monsters in the air, writhing.
A storm is coming in the dark.

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