Minnesota Morning

The fog has crept in on the harrowed land
During the long, sweet silence of the night,
And now lies like a blanket soft at hand
With the breaking of the gray morning light.

The low of the cattle and horses’ neigh,
The rich, dark smell of the freshly turned earth,
Mingle with the sweet smell of fresh mown hay
And whisper softly of a new day’s birth.

The old tractor’s hum and the diesel smell
Speak of the day’s work now just a’borning,
And open the book to yet again tell
Of another Minnesota morning.



6 thoughts on “Minnesota Morning

  1. You took me there that early morn. I felt and smelled the air. Thank you for sharing this day break. I have these mornings. I love these mornings. Well portrayed with your words. Very nicely done.

  2. Anonymous

    What a wonderful place to live! To get to work you can walk right out your door and you are at work. Take a gravel road to the closest tar road and maybe follow a tractor into town. Friendly people, plenty of parking, and rarely hear anyone honk their horns. Life is a little slow paced. Beautiful place to call “home”.

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