The Storms of My Night

At times my mind is a ship on calm waters,
A gentle breeze billowing the sails aloft,
Night’s settling red sky that pleases the sight
Of my soul as it captains me through my life.

Such are the times when I cherish my voyage
Through this world and dread to see my home port.
These are the days that I’ll strive to recall
When at last my ship is forever berthed.

But today’s not that day, red sky’s a’dawning
And a uniform flag is snapping atop.
A chill nor’easter is building within me
And the mercury of my spirit has dropped.

I’m tossed on a rough sea that now o’ercomes me
As waves of confusion crest over head.
The tiller is snapped and I’ve no way to guide
As I sail sightless through the storms of my night.


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