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She Only Wanted Flowers

In remembrance of my mother:

‘I only want some flowers’
Is all she’d ever say,
When once a year time rolled round
To remember Mother’s Day.

I picked daisies and clover
As any small child might do.
She’d put them in a little cup,
Then she’d kiss and hug me too.

I would forget the flowers
Sometimes in my daily strife,
And I’d forget to tell her
How much she meant to my life.

‘Just bring me pretty flowers,’
She would smile and shake her head
As she lay still and withered,
Too sick to rise from bed.

I brought her yellow roses,
And I lay them on her grave,
And sadly now remember
That today was Mother’s Day.


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Little Girl Hidden

Everyone listens but how many hear
When your little girl’s voice comes to play?
Does anyone know that she hides in there
And comes out when they’ve all gone away?

I know her, this special friend of mine
The one that the others can’t see
The one that hides her face from the world
But who comes out to talk to me.

Prim and proper an upright lady,
Manner correct and decorum polite,
The world sees just what she wants them to see
And knows not the young girl’s delight.

This young girl within you that hides so well,
The one that the world never sees,
She capers and dances in gentle moonlight
And comes out to play with me.

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