In contradiction

(three tankas)

quietly passing,
time, fugitive from our grasp,
as we chase its path
to and fro, ever yearning
for just another moment.

silent, time passes
ever more slowly, ceaseless
even as we wait,
eager, anticipating
its end, close, yet far away.

young, we pursue time
that we may devour it whole,
repenting precious moments
spent after the meal is done.


Faded Heart

(a mixed tanka)

in his favorite
he slowly rocks back and forth,
to silent music,
as he looks at her picture,
and his faded heart still loves.

the world moves quickly,
but for him time is slowing,
as he remembers,
with his faded heart smiling,
something old and something new.

and the world sees him,
sitting there and just smiling,
not out a window,
but to a time they can’t know,
with his fading heart smiling.


Song of Seasons

(in four tankas)

Spring Song
With the Spring of life
Comes the laughter and delight
Of all that is new,
That touches all the senses,
Pleasing the innocent heart.

Summer Song
The long summer song
Marks now the passing of days
Hurried, uncounted,
As the season slips slowly,
Unnoticed, into the past.

Autumn Song
Slowing now, the time
To harvest the music sewed
In fields of Summer,
As the days slow and nights cool,
Heralding the Winter song.

Winter Song
Slowly now the tune
Plays out its final refrain,
To fade silently,
But listening quietly
As the song begins anew.

Well Aged Humor

My doctor says I’m in great shape,
For the terrible shape I’m in.
My chiropractor pats my back
With a wide and greedy grin.

I have a doc for diets,
One just for my kidneys too,
And my own optometrist
Helps keep my vision true.

All my eager psychologists
Help to make my spirits jump
And my new proctologist
Is an expert on my rump.

Expensive plastic surgeons
For when my face begins to sag;
My internal specialist
Has a cure within his bag.

I have so many doctors
And if each had his way
I’d live at least two hundred years
And I’d still have them to pay!